“St. Germain has a playful, freewheeling sensibility that sends the audience tumbling through daydreams of his design.” —Time Out NY


“Pretty Damn Good.” -Splitsider on Kicking Dan Out


“Sharply Written. Highly Recommend.” – Huffington Post on Kicking Dan Out


“This rising, hirsute stand-up is notable among his peers for his thoughtful lines, precise diction and the theatrical scenarios he acts out… a blast to watch.” – Time Out NY


“Germain’s act leaps smoothly between all points observational and introspective, and he can riff on both the mundane and absurd with aptitude and effectiveness”

Philadelphia Weekly


“Love Dan St. Germain. Check him out… He’s Really Great.” – IFC


“Worst sex I’ve ever had.” – Academy Award Winner Dianne Wiest