“St. Germain has a playful, freewheeling sensibility that sends the audience tumbling through daydreams of his design.” & “This rising, hirsute stand-up is notable among his peers for his thoughtful lines, precise diction and the theatrical scenarios he acts out… a blast to watch.” — Time Out NY


“Pretty Damn Good.” - Splitsider on Kicking Dan Out


“Sharply Written. Highly Recommend.” – Huffington Post on Kicking Dan Out


“Germain’s act leaps smoothly between all points observational and introspective, and he can riff on both the mundane and absurd with aptitude and effectiveness.” – Philadelphia Weekly


“Love Dan St. Germain. Check him out… He’s Really Great.” – IFC


“I found him passed out on my lawn once.” – Academy Award Winner Dianne West